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Agarwood Aura Enhancer products is blended with 100% pure agarwood oil. This ethereal and earthy nectar is among the most precious and certainly the costliest of all essential oils. Agarwood essential oil pours in energy or lust for life. It is a energising tonic. It refreshes the mind and body and takes away exhaustion.

Agarwood, an earthly element, has a quality that grounds our inner being with its therapeutic effects well recognized by all who have spent some time exploring its intricacies.

Agarwood oil, also known as Oudh in the Middle East, is the most precious aromatic substance on earth. Agarwood Oil has a powerful aroma described as deep woody, balsamic and luscious. Considered an oil gifted with deep mystical properties, Agarwood oil is reputed to have magical powers of attracting wealth and love.

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