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Green-Agro Plantation Services are led by a team of people whom are some of the most highly experienced and innovative people in the Agarwood industry. Green-Agro Plantation Services also entered the market with a strong understanding and technical knowledge on many aspects of Agarwood planting such as planting services, distillation of Agarwood oil, and the culturing of the highest quality seeds of the species which ensures healthy and strong offspring... READ MORE


The Cultivation of Agarwood 

Our method of Agarwood cultivation begins with the biological engineering of the Agarwood’s tissue culture sample.  Selected elite mother trees, which have been proven to produce quality resin, will have their tissues cultured to produce plantlets. These plantlets will have close to 100% of its mother’s best traits. This guarantees that the plantlet will grow and become a strong Agarwood tree. We at Green-Agro are Eco-friendly and we only use organic material in the growth of our trees. We utilize and at the same time, promote organic farming whereby all solutions used in the cultivation process and also our fertilizers, are completely non-toxic and fully organic. We care for the environment and will constantly contribute our efforts towards a ‘greener’ world.

We strive to deliver the highest quality products which are beyond expectations and guaranteed to satisfy our customer’s needs. This is why we spent the necessary resources performing research and development to discover and build the perfect methods to effectively cultivate Agarwood down to the process of distilling immaculate quality oil to be used as the core ingredient in our products. We were successful indeveloping the perfect processes and methods aimed at the preservation of the species whilst ensuring the highest quality of wood can be harvested from the tree itself. The process begins from when a seed or sapling is chosen, and it goes on to the stage of cultivation and nurture of the young tree and then ultimately the harvesting of the tree when it has reached maturity. The harvestation then begins and we deliver the best quality Agarwood products to the consumer, going beyond expectations.

Green Agro Agarwood Products Sdn. Bhd

Green-Agro was established with the sole purpose of developing, manufacturing and selling of the highest grade Agarwood material to our consumers. The goal is to expand the reach of Agarwood products on a personal level. There would be products designed for households, personal care products like Agarwood soaps and Agarwood bath gels and hairshampoos. We even expanded to include products related to health and wellness such as aromatherapy products. We have Agarwood aroma essence sticks and cones made from Agarwood which produce the divine Agarwood fragrance. Our products contain the purest quality of Agarwood oil distilled from our very own plantation. Naturally, only the finest, purest and highest grade quality Agarwoodoil is used in our products.

We are Malaysia’s biggest exporters of Agarwood products and are constantly establishing global wide business partners who want to import and distribute these fine products into their country. We are at the forefront of this ever expanding global market of Agarwood and we expect to be one of the world’s top Agarwood product suppliers within the next three years.

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